Co-Authors Agree To The Following:

  1. Each author will send original unpublished material/chapter after *30 -180 days of agreement or unless other agreed upon.

  2. Each author is responsible for the content/chapter provided.

  3. Each author is responsible for personal marketing and sales.

  4. Do not send copyrighted material or you will be held personally accountable for your actions.

    • If you write about a friend and/or family member please have their permission.

    • Refrain from using celebrity quotes.

  5. Divya Jegasundaram or Snehal R.Singh  or  Coach Wisdom Books will not be held accountable for the lack of personal sales made by each author.

    • Best Seller status, free or paid, in one or more categories on Amazon/Kindle, publishing, ghostwriting editing and proofreading is Snehal R. Singh’s ( Mind Spirit Works, LLC) only responsibility but is not guaranteed.

  6. Each author understands the publishing platforms included in publishing packages such as Amazon will be published under Mind Spirit Works, LLC 

    • Sales or money earned by, etc… (Mind Spirit Works, LLC) will not be shared, pooled and/or distributed to each author.

  7. Each author cannot change, alter or add anyone to the book after it’s published. The book must be resold in original copyrighted format. Any request for changes must be made before publication. Any chapter change request made after the deadline will be subject to a charge of $99.99 or more.

  8. ​Each author can sell their book on a personal/professional site.​


  1. If the deadline is not meet which is *90 -180 days after purchase you will forfeit your payments unless other than is agreed upon.

  2. Full refund request must be made within 24-48 hours after purchase

  3. This is because the number of authors affects the book. Retracting late can cause release setbacks.

  4. Failing to make a payment on time can result in either fee’s of $99.99 or more, begin replaced as an author, the book not being released to the author and any deposit will not be refunded.

  5. At the discretion of the Publisher, Mind Spirit Works you can be removed from the book without notice.

  6. Extra fees will be added and discussed if extra ghost-writing, editing and or changes are needed.

  7. If deadline cannot be made please make arrangements by emailing

  8. Failure to sign the agreement will not exclude you from personal responsibilities or deadlines.


*Few Updates:

“Coach Wisdom Books" is a brand that cannot be affiliated with any other book or brand.

 No logo, cover, or content can be reproduced and or republished without approval.

No event, groups or affiliation can be associated with, “Coach Wisdom Books” without approval.