Here is a series of questions designed to help you get those creative juices flowing. They're only meant to be a guide. We anticipate that you will write the 1500 words, and our editing staff will simply clean it up for you. In order to maintain a high-quality book, we will NOT accept any submissions over 2000 words. This includes your chapter, bio and contact information. All submissions must be between 1500 and 2000 words.

There is a simple formula that we go by that will help you get your chapter approved and published the soonest:

-In the beginning ease into your story: shed light on the beginning of your journey as coach or the beginning the part of your life of what you are about to share.

-In the middle share two/three vivid experiences/memories or turning points that happened in your journey as a coach. 

-End with how you overcame the challenges and became who you are today.

- Any message for new/other coaches. 


KEEP IT AUTHENTIC! Do not sell yourself in your story.


If you need more help now and would like access to a ghostwriter click: Book Appointment on the page to speak to the publisher/editor and schedule an hour with us. But in the meantime, read the questions below and start writing!


Here are some questions that may help you:

  1. What is your story? Who or what inspired you to be the person you are today? What inspired you to be a Coach?

  2. When was the most painful time in your life as a coach?

  3. What is the biggest lesson you have learned from life?

  4. What is your biggest fear? Have you overcome them? How did you overcome them?

  5. What was your coaching Business like?

  6. Has your journey been fairly easy, or have you faced challenges? How did you overcome them?

  7. What are your least proudest moments?

  8. What are your most proudest accomplishments?

  9. How do you define success?

  10. What motivates you? What inspires you? Who inspires you?

  11. What are 3 things about what you do that you love? What do you specialize in?

  12. How did you know that you have you found your purpose? so define?

  13. Are you actively involved in your community? Do you volunteer?

  14. What are goals? Have you accomplished them?

  15. What would be your message to other coaches/mentors?

  16. If you were hired as a speaker at a conference what would be your message?

  17. When you die what do you want to be known for? What do you want accomplished?

  18. What do you want your legacy to be?

The Process of Publishing***:

The process of publishing is as follows:

  1. Chapters are submitted for review.

  2. Chapters are sent back for changes until approved for editing.

  3. Chapters are sent to the editor and then sent back to the author for approval or to make changes.

  4. Chapter are sent to the proofreader and then sent back to the author for final approval or last minute changes.


***The process is complete and patience is requested as everyone has different deadlines.


Once the eBook is released on Kindle and it hits the best-sellers* list, (within 1 - 2 weeks) the press release, cover, eBook and the link to order print books are released. You will be required to make one final review and approve of the digital print proof before it is shipped.