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Asking an established coach for ideas and tips for launching or maintaining a successful coaching practice is like asking a baker for his recipe or a photographer which aperture he used – they won’t tell you. You cannot fault anyone for holding their trade secrets to their bosom, but in Coach Wisdom you will receive amazing insight to operate a thriving coaching business.

Best-selling authors of 20 Beautiful women Divya LV Jegasundaram (Vol2) and Snehal Singh (Vol5) have collaborated to bring you this inspiring collection of the best tips, industry secrets and stories from established and highly successful Certified Life Coaches from across the globe. These coaches are from different backgrounds but they share one thing in common- a desire to create a meaningful impact while creating a successful business.

Coach Wisdom provides answers to the common questions that new coaches want to know to manage their business and provide better service to their clientele. From basic do’s and don’ts to detailed business planning and marketing, these coaches share their experiences, expertise and advice to give you the clarity and courage you need to do to get started, the commitment and momentum to keep going, and the energy and love to never stop.

Coach Wisdom is designed to inspire, guide, motivate and keep you enthusiastic and fulfilled with the profession of Coaching you have chosen, whilst helping you to deepen your skills and knowledge of building your business successfully.

Who Are We Looking for?

The profession of Coaching is becoming increasingly popular and as this happens, there is also a rise in certified coaches as well as a whole sea of individuals and corporations wanting to enjoy the benefits of coaching.

What so many new Coaches are looking for are tips, guidelines, best practices and idea of the most common do’s and don’ts, as well as doses of inspiration and motivation on the days that perhaps things didn’t go as envisioned.

For Coach Wisdom to be that perfect ‘go to’ for Coaches, we want established Certified Coaches, who have a story, best practices, pick me ups, a dose of inspiration, advice or anything else to offer to others entering the industry, who may just be a little lost, overwhelmed as they start the journey of being a professional Life Coach, whatever the speciality area may be.

How Will CW Help You?

Coach Wisdom will provide a great platform for you to be able to co-author an inspiring book with other successful Coaches in the industry.

Co-Author Book with Marshall Goldsmith and John Mattone - World's Best Executive Coaches

As Coaches, we often feel we want to share our own experiences whether good or bad, but we don’t have a platform to do so, or perhaps time is a constraint or you just didn’t know where to start or what to share.

Coach Wisdom will be the place for you to take that first step towards publishing your work in a nice bite-sized way, that will not overwhelm you or stress you in the process.

For many new writers, you may even spark a light within you that inspires you o write and share more with the world.

Our Story

We started 2019 by publishing a book that was to be a first of its kind in the Coaching industry.  This book hit Best Seller in just 4 days in multiple countries and categories.  

This book whilst initially was to be for Coaches, it quickly became a book for Coaches, Business Owners, Employees, Leaders within organizations and anyone looking to embark upon a personal development journey for themselves.   

This Book is 'Coach Wisdom - Vol - I.’

We were so blessed when John Mattone and Marshall Goldsmith loved our vision and contributed a chapter each.

With many outstanding reviews and a rapidly growing following, it is now with great pleasure that we invite Certified Coaches with a strong desire to share their journey/help/motivate/inspire others to contribute their words of wisdom to Volume 2 which is set to be released in early 2020.

When we took this news to John & Marshall again, as a Gratitude for all their love and support, they replied with their support for Coach Wisdom Volume II as well.


So yes.....we did it again!!!!

And what does this mean for you...? It means that we have another opportunity for all coaches who could not co-author volume 1 and be part of this incredible book of renowned Coaches. 

Yes we Did it Again!!!

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Minds Behind Coach Wisdom 

Divya LV Jegasundaram is a Certified Fulfillment Life Coach and Master Spirit Life Coach, based in Toronto, Canada.  Her specialty areas are in Fulfillment, Empowerment, Business, Sales, Career & Life Transitions and Executive. Divya`s unique and direct approach to coaching and leading a fulfilled life has put her in a category of her own. Her clients and acquaintances call her energy, charm, and success infectious as she matches their commitment to their goals. It is Divya`s firm belief that by unlocking an individual’s personal power, belief and faith in oneself, the sky becomes their limit and the impossible becomes possible.

Therefore, she sees it as her challenge and mission to bring those elements of success and fulfillment into the lives of those she meets. When not coaching and inspiring her personal clients, Divya spends time as a senior faculty member for a leading life coaching school, giving time to the community, being on various advisory boards for young women and most importantly being a wife and mother to her two daughters. Divya is also a contributor to The Huffington Post, Thrive Global, and in 2018 has been awarded with the WIM (Women in Management) Upcoming Entrepreneur Award and the WOF (Woman On Fire) Business Woman of the Year Award.

Since running her own Coaching Business for the past 5 years, Divya developed a passion for helping other Coaches also find their path to entrepreneurial success, hence how this idea of CW was born with Snehal Singh.

Snehal R. Singh

The Positive Source of All Possibilities
3 Times -Best Selling Author, Publisher, Writer's Coach & International Public Speaker

Her mission is to inspire you to live fully, authentically and passionately.

Her intention is to inspire and help as many writers and authors to get their books out and published.

As the founder of Mind Spirit Works, Snehal is brand in herself and is known for her work in the coaching and training field. She has worked with authors & life coaches nationwide and internationally.

Currently, she is publishing – Co-Authored Series – Coach Wisdom, The Calling and mentoring authors & coaches worldwide.

Here is what is going to take to be a part of this book: either you are or want to be a life coach/mentor, a self-help author and/or public speaker.



We have a team ready to ghostwrite, edit and proofread. *(packages available)



Snehal and Divya are two authentic women who are passionate about getting the right information out into the world. Through their collective excitement, I felt honored to share an honest experience with them.  I never knew the company I would get to join in their wonderful book and I am honored to be connected with them.

Carole Stizza  

Speaker, Author, and Business Life Coach - Transforming your Perceptions to Reveal your Value to the World

An idea when implemented becomes a reality. A lot of times our ideas disappear as we dont know how to make it a reality. 
Mind Spirit Works helped me every step of the way and gently handholded me with great care to make my dreams a reality.

Also, highly encouraging and supportive. I am truly glad Snehal Singh to work with you and looking forward to publishing more with you.

Shilpa M. Menon

Best Selling Author, Entrepreneur, Life Transformation & Spiritual Coach, Light-Worker, Healer 

I had the pleasure of working with Snehal Singh of Mind Spirit Works publishing enterprise for my co-authored book ‘Coach Wisdom’. My experience during the entire journey was nothing less than phenomenal. Snehal was always on her toes and very prompt at every step of the book publishing. Without her and Divya’s efforts, the book wouldn’t have been a bestseller. Their encouragement throughout made me feel motivated as an author. I highly recommend Mind Spirit Works to anyone who wants to make their book a grand success! Trust me you are in the best hands in the industry.

Pradnya Vernekar

Co-Author CW- Vol - I

Holistic Life Coach and Angel Intuitive

Snehal and Divya are passionate, professional, and an absolute pleasure to work with. I cannot recommend them highly enough!

Ramon David 

Co-Author CW- Vol I, Applied Neuroscientist, BrainFirst® Radio Host, Emotion Researcher

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